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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Stay granted in Vontz v. Miller

Vontz v. Miller is an interesting First District decision that I noted in late December but did not have an opportunity to discuss. The named parties are each 50% shareholders of Dayton Heidelberg Distributing Co., and their litigation concerned a shareholder impasse. The trial court issued injunctive relief requiring the shareholders to attend a shareholder meeting, but the First District reversed in part, holding that the trial court exceeded its authority.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Ohio Supreme Court stays judgment allowing pipeline appropriation

My habit for many years, dating back to my trial-court clerking days, is to check for newly released appellate opinions at about ten o'clock every morning. There obviously are days that I can't do this; sometimes I'm in hearings, sometimes I'm with clients, etc. When this happens I usually just catch up the next day or next week. But now for the first time I've had the unhappy experience of being unable to check for new opinions because I was in trial, and having one of those opinions actually relate to the trial that was in progress.